AMP Development

Google Accelerated Mobile Pages.

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is the latest technology to build and optimize fast loading web pages on any mobile device. Google developed Accelerated Mobile Pages in October 2015 to make the mobile web faster for users. According to research, there are approximately 1.699 billion AMP pages from 861,000 domains, with 34.99 million new pages that have been added every week. Thus, its time to choose the AMP web pages to attract more users. We at WebLogicDesign design and develop the extraordinary AMP websites that lead to conversions and achieve business goals. Our manifest strategies empower clients to effectively engage with new customers, sustain existing user's relationships, and accomplish their online marketing objectives.

Top 5 AMP use benefits

  • Increased Speed for your Blog or Website
  • Better Mobile Search Ranking
  • Positive Impact on User-Experience
  • AMP is simple to track
  • Ad Support for Enhanced Revenue

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